Fourth Stimulus Check: Will there be another Stimulus Check from the Government?

After the third stimulus check went out in March 2021, many people are wondering: when is the next stimulus check? While it is unclear if there could be a fourth Economic Impact Payment from the federal government, some of the 50 states are considering offering a fourth stimulus check to their residents.

Here’s what you need to know about the stimulus check update and the possibility of receiving a fourth COVID relief payment coming soon.

Is There a 4th Stimulus Check?

The IRS issued more than 169 million payments in the third round of Economic Impact Payments, and those who received their $1,400 check want to know if there is another stimulus check coming soon.

A fourth stimulus check will apparently be released, although this payment will not come from the federal government. Unlike the last three stimulus checks, this next payment will come from certain states in America. That is, only those people who live in these states will be able to receive the check.

Which States Are Giving Out a Fourth Payment?

So far, the states considering issuing new stimulus checks include California, Delaware, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Maine, New Mexico and New York.

Here we will address the stimulus payments that each state will offer as part of the Coronavirus relief.


California currently has the Golden State Stimulus I for people who live in this state and normally get the California Earned Income Tax Credit or file their taxes with the Individual Taxpayer Identification Number.

The Golden Stimulus II will go out to those who received an adjusted gross income of less than $75,000 for fiscal year 2020.


Delaware is offering a $300 rebate to single tax filers and a $600 rebate to couples who file jointly.


Georgia is offering $250 to single tax filers, $375 to heads of household with dependents and $500 to married couples who file jointly.


Hawaii is offering $300 to residents earning less than $100,000 and up to $1,200 to families of four.


Illinois will be offering a suspension of the inflation-based gas tax increase for six months. Additionally, it will offer $300 rebate checks to homeowners.


Maine will offer $850 to single tax filers whose adjusted gross income is less than $100,000. They will also offer $850 to heads of households earning less than $150,000 and to married couples who file jointly and make less than $200,000.

New Mexico

New Mexico will offer a $500 stimulus check to single taxpayers and $1,000 to married couples who file jointly.

New York

The average benefit in New York will be approximately $425. For those homeowners earning less than $75,000, the state average will be nearly $1,050.

4th Stimulus Check Release Date

It is not yet known exactly when the fourth stimulus check will be released in most states that are considering a fourth payment for their residents.

However, residents of Maine and New Mexico will be able to receive a new relief payment starting in June 2022.

Although it has not yet been confirmed when a fourth stimulus check will be available in the rest of the states, it is expected to be in the coming months of the current year 2022.