IRS Payments

The IRS offers several convenient ways for taxpayers to pay their taxes. Keep on reading to find out what are the options available.

Electronic Payment

You can pay your taxes digitally through the following options:

  • Direct Pay: this alternative is for individuals and it allows paying online directly from a checking or savings account for free and schedule payments up to 365 days in advance. It allows two payments each day.
  • Electronic Federal Tax Payment System: it is the best alternative for businesses and allows up to five payments per day. Taxpayers can schedule payments up to 365 days in advance and request to receive email notifications about their payments.
  • Payment by credit or debit card: the IRS uses third-party payment processors to process credit and debit card payments. This alternative is secure as your information is used only to process your payment. If you want to make a payment by credit or debit card, click here and choose the payment processor that offers you the best fee. Then follow the instructions to make a personal or business payment.
  • Bank wire transfer: you can make an electronic payment payable the same day from your bank. Contact your financial institution for availability, cost and hours. To make a payment, download the Same Day Taxpayer Worksheet PDF. Fill out the sheet and take it to your financial institution.

Payment by check or money order

If you prefer, you can pay your taxes by check or money order by following the steps below:

  1. When filing your return, select “Pay by check” when asked how you want to pay in the File section.
  2. Make your check or money order out to the United State Treasury.
  3. Make sure your check or money order includes the following information:

o   Your name and address.

o   Social security number (SSN) or employer identification number (EIN).

o   Daytime phone number.

o   Fiscal year.

o   The tax form or related notice.

  1. Send the payment to the IRS, along with Form 1040-V.

The address to mail your payment will appear on your Form 1040-V. You can also get it on page 2 of the IRS 1040-V instructions.

Cash Payment

If it’s better for you, you can also pay by cash at a participating retail store. To do this, you just have to select the cash option in the “Other forms of payment” section and follow the instructions.

Note that there is a payment limit of $ 1,000 per day and a fee of $ 3.99 per payment.